Phifer mosquito net - from PHIFER, USA.

PHIFER Mosquito net fitment systems for your Doors and Windows.
Phifer is a brand from the house of PHIFER USA offering invisible protection to your family from mosquitoes with ten different types of fitment options and 6 different types of mesh options. With Phifer's mosquito net systems, you see the view and not the mesh.
PHIFER is built with the worlds largest selling brand- PHIFER mosquito meshes.

Why choose Phifer?

Phifer’s continuous commitment to deliver the highest quality products has made us the World’s largest manufacturer & innovator in this segment. Our product development team utilizes a marketing driven approach with a keen ear to the needs and requirements of our customers and the markets in which our products are used. We focus on technology driven opportunities that offer a good fit toward the guiding principles of our company and with our distinct core competencies.

Phifer Mosquito Net Fitment Options

The only brand that offers the widest range of fitment options to suit all budget and any window/door type.

Phifer Classic Window Fitment

Trouble free & lasting solution for your windows with 3 mesh options...

Phifer Barrier Free Door Fitment

The most stylish & sleek fitment for premium home with large openings...

Phifer Heavy Glide Fitment

A durable sliding option for wide windows with 3 mesh options...

Phifer Crease Fitment

A sleek sliding window fitment with two mesh options...

Phifer Pleated Fitment

An elegant collapsible window fitment that adds to your interior decor...

Phifer Solid Door Fitment

Classic openable door system for your entrance doors with 4 mesh options.

Phifer Glossy Roll Fitment

A sophisticated rollup system with smooth retraction in one touch...

Phifer Velcro Fitment

The basic mosquito screen fitment option from Phifer. Suitable for rented properties...

Phifer Velcro Magnetic Fitment

Instead of stapling velcro tape, magnets are used to mount the mesh...

Phifer Mosquito Net Product Videos

Phifer mosquito screens and the various fitment options add up to the aesthetics of your Home Interiors without disturbing the purpose of a window, to provide free flow of air and light. Phifer meshes are Invisible too. From 4 feet away you will hardly notice the mesh. Facilitates free flow of air and good outward visibility. Please click on the images to view respective videos.


About Phifer Mosquito Net

Phifer brand of mosquito systems in India comes from the house of Phifer. With a wide range of mosquito solutions for doors and windows, Phifer's fitment options are available through an exclusive network of showrooms. With professionally trained experts handling the fitments, Phifer's systems are imported from USA and centrally assembled at the state of art fabrication unit in Chennai. Quito is the only professional brand providing world class quality of mosquito net systems and after sales support. Phifer's sophisticated mosquito screen systems are sleek, elegant and aesthetically finished to suit any interior.

Greenguard - The GREENGUARD Certification Program gives assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors. Achieving GREENGUARD Certification gives credence to manufacturers’ sustainability claims, backing them with empirical scientific data from an unbiased, third-party organization.

Microban - Microban® is an antibacterial technology that can be safely incorporated into most plastics and textiles to continuously protect them against the growth of bacteria that can cause contamination or odour. When used in conjunction with good hygiene practices, Microban works in-between cleanings to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi for the life of the product. Microban’s protection has been proven safe, effective and durable through extensive testing by independent laboratories and via reallife use of Microban protected consumer and industrial products.

Lead Free - Phifer's meshes are certified to be lead free, a hazardous metal banned all over the world as its exposure can cause serious health implications especially among children.

Flame Retardant - Phifer's range of fiber glass meshes are certified to be flame retardant and possess flame retardant properties

Energy Saving - Phifer's solar screens also doubles up as sun control systems along with mosquito prevention when mounted on windows. Solar screen products effectively blocks heat from getting inside living spaces and saves energy needed to balance the heat from windows.


Phifer systems

Our range of mosquito net systems not only adds to the aesthetics of your interiors, it helps maintain the functionality of a window with good outward visibility and doesn't obstruct the flow of air & sunlight.

PHIFER meshes

Engineered range of meshes in Fibre-glass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Solar screens and Pet screens.

Solution Providers

At Phifer, our experts analyze customers requirement and place of application and recommend a lasting solution for mosquito protection to your home.


Phifer mosquito net systems will compliment your doors and windows adding up to your decor with its stylish range of fitment options.

PHIFER'S unique advantage

Eco friendly, 100% recyclable, Energy Saving, Preserves interior surfaces and materials, ISO 9001 – 2008 certified.

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Importance of undisturbed sleep for infants

Studies say that babies having disturbed sleep may develop psychological issues later in their adulthood. Disturbed sleep could be due to many reasons like a noisy environment or physical disturbance like mosquito bites etc. A house near to a railway track could be a disturbing place for an infant, or a house without mosquito protection could affect an infants sleep.

Though the mosquito issue could be easily taken care by installing mosquito net systems on the doors and windows, noisy environments could prove to be expensive to cut off.

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